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Maxkore Series

Maxkore Series


Quad-Shield RCA Cables


  • Optimum signal transfer system with OFC twisted center conductors
  • Quad-shield protection eliminates disturbances to signal integrity
  • Twisted wire conductor with precision metal shielding and flexible soft touch outer protection
  • High strand count copper conductor for audio accuracy and performance
  • Proprietary Metal grip design with gold pin
  • Higher dynamic musical reproduction
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Maxkore Quad RCA Cables

MG1.5-1.5' Maxkore RCA Cable, MG12-12' Maxkore RCA Cable, MG15-15' Maxkore RCA Cable, MG17-17' Maxkore RCA Cable, MG20-20' Maxkore RCA Cable, MG3-3' Maxkore RCA Cable, MG6-6' Maxkore RCA Cable, MG9-9' Maxkore RCA Cable, MGY2F-2Female / 1Male Maxkore RCA Cable, MGY2M-1Female / 2Male Maxkore RCA Cable