Elite Superflex Series

Elite Superflex Series



Soft Touch Power Wire

DB Link’s Super Flex – Soft Touch insulation and High-strand design allows installers to curve, arc, and bend the cable in any way required for a trouble free installation experience while delivering maximum current flow. Super-Flex cable colors included are red, blue and black and are available in the Super Flex installation kits or in rolls. The Soft Touch insulation remains flexible regardless of hot or cold climate.



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Elite Superflex Power Wire

STGW0BK50Z – 0 Ga. 50' Black Power/Ground Wire, STGW4BK100Z – 4 Ga. 100' Black Power/Ground Wire, STGW8BK250Z – 8 Ga. 250' Black Power/Ground Wire, STPW0BL50Z – 0 Ga. 50' Blue Power/Ground Wire, STPW0R50Z – 0 Ga. 50' Red Power/Ground Wire, STPW4BL100Z – 4 Ga. 100' Blue Power/Ground Wire, STPW4R100Z – 4 Ga. 100' Red Power/Ground Wire, STPW8R250Z – 8 Ga. 250' Red Power/Ground Wire